He's the oldest in the team. 
She's the youngest. 
He's deadly. 
She never kills. 
He's short but tough. 
She's even shorter - and nearly as tough as he is! 

Mutant warrior Wolverine, who's also known as Logan, is one of Jubilee's best friends. He's both gifted and cursed with zoomorphic powers, which include foot-long retractable claws hiding in his fore-arms, and a powerful healing factor. His life has been a world of hurt - full with physical, mental and emotional pain. But Wolverine's mutant powers healed his body, and his friends helped him deal with his emotions. That leaves him with the torture of memories that could turn a usual man into a screaming lunatic - but time can heal even this pain. And Logan had plenty of time. 






Canada, 1900. A sick boy named James Howlett plays with his friends. He doesn't know what awaits him in the future
Canada, 1920. A wild man lives alone in the woods, having lost everything - his father, killed by a drunken gardener; his beloved Rose - she died after his own claws tore through her beautiful body when she tried to stop him and his enemy from killing each other; he's not able to live in human society after all he'd done 
Europe, 1943. Man who calls himself Logan fights against Hitlerites. Wolverine wasn't sure if these memories were true, but at least two superhuman creatures of our time had seen him there and then - Bloodscream and Captain America 
America, 1990. Professor Xavier's X-Men defend humanity against evil. There are Evil Mutants of the Brotherhood, lead by Magneto, Mystique, and Toad. There are evil men like Gradon Creed who believe that all mutants are to be destroyed. 
There's more evil than you would like to know, bub. But X-Men aren't going to let it spread and destroy. And neither does Wolverine, the feral X-Man who had finally found true friends. 

Wolverine first met Jubilee in Australia, where the Reavers crucified him. Jubilee neutralized the cyber-dog that tried to attack them and helped Logan to get away. Then there was the evil Mandarin, who made Jubilee believe that Logan was dead - and then she blew up the whole house, having lost control over her superpowers in anger and despair. 
Someone say that Jubes had a crush on Logan. Why not?.. It's definitely true that Jubilee's the only person that Wolverine considers his partner, and they're very, VERY close friends.

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