Real Name: Dr. Karl Lykos
Aliases: Joe Smith
Affiliation: Weapon X
Powers: Originally, none (human). After he was bitten by a pterodactyl, young Carl Lykos discovered that he can - and has to - drain life energy from other living beings in order to survive. He worked as a hypno-therapist until Lykos tried to drain Havok. The powerful mutant's energy transformed Lykos, turning him into a green-skinned winged creature with an evil mind. Taking the name Sauron after the arch-villain of Professor Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings", he became one of the most dangerous enemies of the X-Men... 

During one of his battles with the X-Men Sauron defeated the whole team - except one young mutant. 
And of course, it was non other than Jubilation Lee. J Logan (who recovered thanks to his healing factor) and Jubilee managed to show Sauron who's the boss and once again stop him from taking over the Savage Land... 

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