X-Men TAS:

На досуге (у меня удивительно много досуга J) я люблю иногда повытаскивать из любимого мультфильма всякие приятные моменты, будь то картинки (которые все желающие могут найти в Мультсериальной галерее) или же звуки. Приятного вам прослушивания. J 


Тема мультсериала X-Men - 875 Кб

sf2-1-wedding - 125 Кб

Jubilee: I woudn't miss this wedding for the world!.. Hey, get one of those gulf balls from Arkon, then we'll get the Professor here to give you away! 

sf2-2-awesome - 328 Кб

Jubilee: Wow, this is totally awesome! It's real gold! I could get used to being a queen... (звук бьющейся посуды) Uh oh. 

sf2-3-weird - 109 Кб

Jubilee: Storm, that was weird. She was like...
Storm: She was terrified! 

sf2-4-fear - 94,2 Кб

Jubilee: Fear's so thick around here you could roller-blade on it. 
Arkon: Please! You're new to Polemachus. 

sf2-5-dream - 141 Кб

Jubilee: Storm, it's like a dream - everything's so beautiful! I can't believe how calm you are! 

sf2-6-convince - 250 Кб

Storm: Oh, Jubilee, I am needed here! Arkon is a kind and decent man... I love him, he asked me for my trust, can't you understand?! 
Jubilee: Sure... but I'm not the one you're trying to convince. 

sf2-7-comeon - 266 Кб

Jubilee: Arkon's making you act against everything you believe in! Please, Storm! He's not worth it! 
Storm: You are right... Forgive me. 
Jubilee: Come on. Let's get outta here. 

nots1-1-neighbours - 92,2 Кб

Jubilee's father: Let's just hope the neighbours never find out our beautiful Jubulee is a mutant... or they'll never understand. 

nots1-2-fault - 109 Кб

Jubilee: Why is this happening to me?.. I used to be a normal kid! It's not my fault!

nots1-3-ashamed - 172 Кб

Jubilee: They're ashamed of me... I thought they loved me!.. Come on, I'll teach you to invade my universe!

nots1-4-capture - 141 Кб

Sentinel: Target identified. Initiate capture. 
Jubilee: Target? Capture?! Heeeeelp! 

nots1-5-way - 94, 2 Кб

Jubilee: Did you see what she did?! 
Storm: Yes, Rogue has a way with men. 

nots1-6-hold - 78, 7 Кб

Sentinel: Halt, mutant!
Jubilee: Who's a mutant?!.. Don't answer that...

ls-1-redlight - 141 Кб

Wolverine: Red light! Red light!!
Jubilee: I saw it!
Wolverine: Yeah. Right. W-why don't you pull in over there. 

ls-2-sweetheart - 141 Кб

Jubilee: Hey, watch out! 
Longshot: Hello, sweetheart. I don't believe we've been introduced. 
Jubilee: Wow...

ls-3-happen - 62, 8 Кб

Jubilee: Why does this stuff always happen to me?.. 

ls-4-princess - 234 Кб

Jubilee: Jubilee, Princess of Pyrotechnics, commands you to release the human! 
Spiral: Ignore her, she's just a little girl. 
Jubilee: A little girl?! 

ls-5-jubilee - 78, 8 Кб

Wolverine: Uh oh... Jubileeeee!.. 

ls-6-doggie - 203 Кб

Jubilee: Back off, metal-head!
Wolverine: Bad doggie... no biscuit! 

xr-1-spooky - 94, 2 Кб

Jubilee: Oh wow, who put on the laser show?.. Something's kind of spooky about all this... 

xr-2-comeout - 94, 2 Кб

Jubilee: All right, who's out there? Come out now, and... you won't get hurt!


xr-3-xavier - 47, 3 Кб

Professor X: Scott... Jubilee!..


xr-4-greatplace - 78, 7 Кб

Jubilee: Yeah, professor, and this place is great - no Sentinels!


xr-5-somethin - 94, 2 Кб

Jubilee: Who is there?! I know I heard something...


xr-6-letgo - 31, 8 Кб

Jubilee: Let me go!
Cyclops: Jubilee!


xr-7-handsfree - 188 Кб

Jubilee: Just wait until I get my hands free!.. What's going on? Professor? Anybody?!


xr-8-weirddream - 109 Кб

Jubilee: You're not gonna believe the weird dream I just had!
Wolverine: Man, the weird dream I just had...
Storm: They were not dreams. 

bl-1-candy - 219 Кб

Jubilee: Oh, nice! Beast won't appreciate you using his face to give them nightmares!
Wolverine: Isn't that what Halloween's all about? 
Jubilee: Nooo, it's about getting people to give you lots of candy, and then trying to eat it all in one night!.. What's bugging you? 

bl-2-monk - 188 Кб

Jubilee: Yeah, we've tangled with just about every jerk around!
Wolverine: Somebody's gone to a lotta trouble to track you down and use your mom to get to you. Who'd have his pants in a twist over a blue-faced monk? 

bl-3-related - 156 Кб

Jubilee: I just realised - Kurt looks a lot like Beast. I wonder if they're related? 
Rogue: Ha! Girl, that's 'bout as likely as Nightcrawler and me bein' kin! 

bl-4-religion - 78, 7 Кб

Jubilee: Hoo, this religion stuff is intense! 

bl-5-trick - 156 Кб

Jubilee: Trick or treat! 
FOH: We have no candy here. Go away! 
Jubilee: Then I guess it's... trick! 

bl-6-stuff - 109 Кб

Jubilee: Whoa, look at all this stuff! These guys must've got a new credit card. 

bl-7-toast - 141 Кб

Wolverine: Jubilee! Knock out those jets!
Jubilee: Consider 'em toast! 

bl-8-operas - 156 Кб

Wolverine: What's Mystique doing here? 
Rogue: She's Nightcrawlers's mother... and Creed's mother, too! 
Jubilee: Boy, talk about your soap operas.

bl-9-reunions - 62, 8 Кб

Jubilee: If I were you, I'd stay away from family reunions.  


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