If you dont like Jubilee and

  1. You like M youve just got bad taste for women.

  2. You consider Gambit a delicate, vulnerable creature thats offended by all and everyone youre just an arrant fan, and it may be just dangerous to explain anything to you.

  3. You consider Jubilees superpowers lame you just dont know much about her. Take a look at this site maybe thatll change your opinion.

  4. You still consider Jubilees superpowers lame you're plain stupid.

  5. You think Jubilee to be the least X-Man from all the X-Men some idiot it means youre just senseless. Shame on you.

  6. You dont like Jubilees appearance perhaps youre Evolution fan. Pity. What do the youngsters watch nowadays

  7. What, youre NOT an Evolution fan but you still dont like her appearance? Than youve just got a perverted sense of female beauty.

  8. You dont like bright yellow coats and/or pink sunglasses this means youre a very grave person incapable of receiving simple pleasures.

  9. You just dont like Jubilee, even though you dont know anything about her than youre a strange and something irrational person. Please dont visit this site first, its devoted to a girl you dont like, and second you scare me.

  10. You possess animal-like senses, a powerful healing factor, claws and paws and a persecution mania well, youve made a great mistake by coming here. Really.



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