If you havent found something here, dont feel upset just look for it in one of THESE wonderful places. J

Marvel the official site of Marvel Comics, the creator of Jubilee, Wolverine and many others.  

Marvel Directory the best Marvel fan site Ive ever seen. The place where good fans go to after they die. The author is TheProfessor.

Children of the Atom - Logan Meller's site dedicated to the merry band of misfit mutants we all know and love, the X-Men. 

Jubilation Sensation   another great site dedicated to Jubilee. I really like it. The paffs, the pictures, the battles oh, see for yourself! J Created by Feral and Wolfman.

Mutatis Mutandis well, maybe SOME of the good fans find their final rest HERE. J Thanks to CharleyX for this marvelous place.

Freak Show that ones really funny. J Well, see for yourself! Ive borrowed some X-Dollies from there Created by Lita Lopez a. k. a.  SurvirorX. Way rad!

Mutant X Adoption Agency well, its, like, a place where you can adopt mutants. All kinds of mutants X-Men, villains, other mutant teams beware, evildoers RogueMatrix only allows to adopt her little darlins if you can provide a place for them to live, healthy food, plenty of exercise et cetera, et cetera... aint it just, like, great? J

Fireworks Jubilee's fans web-ring. The place where good fans go while theyre still alive. J Created by Kim.

The Uncanny X-Men a mustvisit. Plenty of information about pretty much everything marked by the X. 

X-Women the best site dedicated to the women of mutant blood Ive ever seen.

X-Factor  - the interesting and well-kept site created by Antoinette. She gave me an award, you know. J

Wolverine and Jubilee - aye, this is the greatest site devoted to the greatest duo in the comics, Logan and Jubilee. The bios, the gallery, and much, much more! 

Eric Wolfe Hanson the site of Eric Wolfe Hanson, the artist possessing both talent and love to comic heroes. J

Artgyrl - Sharon's site. She was so nice that permitted me to place a couple of her pictures in the gallery. J

Jubilation Lee.Com - a site dedicated to Jubilee (how did you guess?). With a pretty good gallery, and overall, pretty nice, although a bit chaotic. 


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